Post. Share. Tweet. Pin. A smart social media plan will introduce your customers to your brand, then cultivate a bond with them.



Make an impression with a smart and engrossing website. Ensure your customers can find you through careful consideration.


Digital Advertisement

Use the Internet. Promote your brand online from a trove of digital advertising strategies, from email blasts to Google AdWords.



Make a statement with a fresh, irresistible brand identity or logo. State an objective in a sharp, cool video or motion graphics.

How Can We Help You?


Our whole thing at Keyflow Creative is to help the businesses that do work in the greater Fort Wayne area do better business and excel in the marketplace. How? By utilizing innovative, new-age, dynamic platforms that will connect, develop and grow their brand and their customer base in turn. Keyflow’s arsenal of digital marketing processes – social, web, digital ads or creative – has been built and designed to take full advantage of the Internet to the benefit of our clients. Let’s identify what part of the web will work best for your operation.


What We Can Do What We Have Done